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Ready to Feel Better, Look Better + Sleep Better?

Helping Women Build Energy, Boost Immunity + Balance Moods

Ready to Feel Vitalicious Everyday?

The Vitalicious Project

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Your Perfect Coaching Program

Ready  to  build  energy  and  vitality ?

I’m a pro at listening and guiding women to tap into their body’s power…



Unlike rigid and restrictive health programs…

I help guide women, as they build energy + gain clarity + trust their inner voice.

meet   Stephanie

Registered Holistic Nutrition Coach, BA., RHNC.

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I help women with transformations…

We’ve all heard the stories of transformation. Did you see the movie about Brittany who decided to run a marathon? She transformed not only her physical body, but her emotional and mental state as well. We’ve heard about people who gave up smoking, alcohol and drugs. We’ve heard about the Brittany’s who started something new like running. But what about the person who gave up sugar, or added more soup into their day? Do we hear about their transformation? No, right? But their transformation is incredible too! Their body feels better. Their moods level out, their skin glows and they smile more. We all look at her and think “I want that”. And guess what? You can GET that, and I can help!
For you it might not be sugar…and you may not even know “what” it is. But I’m a pro at helping women figure this out. Together we look at the big picture. We watch for patterns and signs that our body gives us everyday. And then we find the unique solution, that is your secret weapon, to transform your body and life too.
The cool part is how it changes how you feel, look and sleep. It builds an amazing momentum that is easy to keep going and you never want to stop. It gives you answers, which builds confidence. It guides you, to find your inner voice. And it empowers you with clarity, so that you can feel vibrant everyday!
The next step is easy. Let’s jump on a free 20 minute action call. It’s a 100% sales free zone. I won’t be selling you anything. It’s me helping you. How cool is that, right? And I have one last question…are you ready? 
Yes! I Want THAT!


›  To discover your secret weapon = transform your body and life?

  To build the kind of momentum that’s easy and you never want to stop!

  To feel empowered with clarity so that you feel vibrant everyday!

Available Now! REG $97 – Sale $37 this week!

A 5 step on-line course to naturally boost your immune system that you can start in the comfort of your own home!

Discover how to easily lower stress and anxiety to naturally boost your immune system.

Find Your Perfect Coaching Program

Your Perfect Coaching Program

Health Is A Way Of Life

Find out how you can embrace the lifestyle – Clarity – Confidence & Calm

Our coaching programs are 1:1 programs and are made to fit your lifestyle and time commitments. Calendar bookings can be made on line using our easy to use calendar scheduling tool. Click the button below and see if we have a time spot open for you soon.


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Helping Women Find Their Voice, Gain Clarity & Confidence to Feel Better, Look Better and Sleep Better

Life throw you a curve ball and the last thing you've done it take care of you? Well, I help women just like you put the health pieces back together.

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